Yamsky marmalade syrup
  • March 09,2023

Bahaha, today I made sugar water suitable for summer~ I just bought a Philips water purifier to filter water, no strange smell of tap water whitening powder, water quality is more pure and clear, and I feel relieved. use it haha^^ . It seems that sugar water is best made after filtering water. She used to use a water purifier when she went to her godmother's house. When I cooked chicken soup or added water to cooking, I always turned on water from the water faucet. I didn't take it seriously before, but now I've found that it's really good water for making good soup. You really need to install a Philips water purifier at home!

Ingredients One sweet potato 4 red dates Appropriate amount of brown sugar/osmanthus honey Appropriate amount of purified water (can be purified with a water purifier) ​​Method
  • 1 Yamsky marmalade syrup

    Clean yam medicine.

  • 2 Yamsky marmalade syrup

    Rinse marmalade and cut it into slices, flavor of marmalade will be stronger. I didn't cut it today. Because I want to eat marmalade ^^.

  • 3 Yamsky marmalade syrup

    Peel and cut into slices or chop sweet potato.

  • 4 Yamsky marmalade syrup

    Add water (I filter water with a Philips water filter).

  • 5 Yamsky marmalade syrup

    Cook until sweet potato is tender. It can also be boiled with rock sugar at same time, or seasoned with sugar after cooking.

  • 6 Yamsky marmalade syrup

    Today, I didn't add anything when I cooked, so I drank bowl first. No sugar is added, but sweetness of red dates is enough. I love this refreshing sugar water in summer!

  • 7 Yamsky marmalade syrup

    I also drank a bowl of brown sugar. Everyone knows nutritional effect, and calorie content is about 41 calories per 100 g. Friends who are losing weight, drink it~