colorful yogurt
  • March 09,2023

Honey red beans, oatmeal, yellow peaches and cherries are added to yogurt this time to create a colorful yogurt feast.

Ingredients One pack of plain yogurt Three packs of fresh milk How to prepare
  • 1 colorful yogurt

    One package of plain yogurt and three packages of fresh milk.

  • 2 colorful yogurt

    Ingredients: oatmeal, red honey beans, corn kernels, fruits (personal preference).

  • 3 colorful yogurt

    Remove impurities from red beans, rinse and soak in water for more than 4 hours.

  • 4 colorful yogurt

    Place soaked red beans in rice cooker, add water and make them one inch taller than red beans. Close lid and press cook switch.

  • 5 colorful yogurt

    Boil until fragrant, stir and continue to boil. This time I have a lot of beans, and it took 50 minutes in total to cook, and to take care of bad teeth at home, this time boil is a little rotten (actually, I have seen that some people can turn off fire when it is open, and then it will be stuffy for a while).

  • 6 colorful yogurt

    Let it be warm, add honey and refrigerate for more than five hours.

  • 7 colorful yogurt

    Red honey beans are soft and sweet.

  • 8 colorful yogurt

    How to make yogurt: Pour one package of plain yogurt + three packages of fresh milk into container of yogurt maker and mix well.

  • 9 colorful yogurt

    Set time, 8 hours.

  • 10 colorful yogurt

    Close double layer cover, ok, don't worry about it, when time is up, a reminder tone will sound.

  • 11 colorful yogurt

    Freshly made yogurt is still warm, like soft tofu, so you can eat it with honey. I like to refrigerate it before eating so it will thicken. Yogurt is at its most nutritious and healthy within ten hours of being prepared.

  • 12 colorful yogurt

    Colorful yogurt. On fig. 12 shows thicker chilled yogurt.

  • 13 colorful yogurt

    Add honey and mix well.

  • 14 colorful yogurt

    Add cereal.

  • 15 colorful yogurt

    Lay out a layer of honey beans and finish with fruit for garnish.