watermelon ice cream
  • March 09,2023

I went out to dinner with some good friends tonight, came back very late and felt dizzy after just two glasses of beer. I really want to sleep on bed, but I can't let go of one thing, I didn't update my blog today, I didn't see warm messages from friends, and I didn't say hello to my friends. . . I remember Sister Xiangxiang chased me for ice cream yesterday and I promised to serve it to her today. . . . Unable to let go, I still turned on computer. . . .

Ingredients two pieces of watermelon practice
  • 1 watermelon ice cream

    Peel watermelon and put it in juicer to extract the watermelon juice.

  • 2 watermelon ice cream

    Strain pure watermelon juice through a sieve.

  • 3 watermelon ice cream

    Add sugar to watermelon juice and set aside.

  • 4 watermelon ice cream

    Pour desired amount of glutinous rice flour into a small saucepan, add the required amount of water and mix until a thin paste is obtained.

  • 5 watermelon ice cream

    Simmer over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thickened.

  • 6 watermelon ice cream

    Pour glutinous rice paste into watermelon juice.

  • 7 watermelon ice cream

    Pour mixture into a food processor and mix well.

  • 8 watermelon ice cream

    Pour the liquid mixture into sorbet molds.

  • 9 watermelon ice cream

    Cover and place in freezer for at least 5 hours.

  • 10 watermelon ice cream

    When eating, rinse popsicle with a mold with water or leave it at room temperature for a minute or two, and it will be easy to remove.