strawberry wine
  • March 09,2023

Strawberries are my favorite fruit. The weather is hot now and strawberry season will be over soon. Every year at this time I make a big bottle of strawberry wine and drink it in winter. Although wine and kirsch are also produced, strawberry wine is always most popular. It's very simple, just wait longer and when you open bottle and smell sweet aroma, you'll feel it's worth it.

Ingredients 15 Cat Strawberry Practices
  • 1 strawberry wine

    Strawberries I just bought

  • 2 strawberry wine

    Wash with clean water, I always add a little detergent when washing strawberries, soak for a while, then wash with clean water

  • 3 strawberry wine

    Wash strawberries, separate the stems,

  • 4 strawberry wine

    When washing, you can use a steel basin or any basin. Control water for a while, remove handle and place it in a plastic basin. There are several special basins in my house

  • 5 strawberry wine

    One more

  • 6 strawberry wine

    Crush strawberries with your hands. If you want to use an iron basin, you may smell rust

  • 7 strawberry wine

    Done. I made a total of 18 patties. It's too much. The bottle won't last. I haven't added rock sugar yet

  • 8 strawberry wine

    Made last night, layered, very nice

  • 9 strawberry wine

    This is a wine I made last year. The small bottle is made from muscat grapes, which is not very good. The large bottle is made from mountain grapes, which have a pleasant taste

  • 10 strawberry wine

    Show off