Yuzu honey tea
  • March 09,2023

The grapefruit tea I make is made from red-fleshed grapefruit, finished product is bright in color and hard to find in market. In addition, I did not add grapefruit zest, taste is very mild. This eliminates need to handle grapefruit skins and makes it remarkably easy to prepare. Yuzu tea can be brewed with cold or hot water, added to black or green tea, and used as a jam for desserts. After brewing, remaining pulp can be eaten, and taste is fragrant. Grapefruit: The Compilation of Materia Medica records that "diet, getting rid of bad breath in stomach, detoxifying alcohol, curing drinker's breath, stopping food intake, reducing phlegm and relieving cough", and prepared tea from grapefruit was consumed in ancient mine Land, in other countries, in Japan and South Korea there is such a habit. 在 现代 的 观念 中 柚子 茶 还 美容 的 功效 因为 , 柚子 中 含有 丰富 的 vc , 柠檬 三 三 倍 倍 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 呢 Microelements. It beautifies skin, moistens throat and relieves coughs, prevents colds and aids digestion.

Ingredients 750 g grapefruit pulp 350 g rock sugar 300 ml honey 1000 ml water method
  • 1 Yuzu honey tea

    Peel grapefruit.

  • 2 Yuzu honey tea

    Boil sugar with water.

  • 3 Yuzu honey tea

    Add pomelo pulp and bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer.

  • 4 Yuzu honey tea

    Stir with a spoon during cooking to prevent sticking to bottom.

  • 5 Yuzu honey tea

    Boil until yuzu tea thickens, turn off heat, let cool, add honey and stir well.

  • 6 Yuzu honey tea

    Store in an airtight jar.