coconut sago
  • March 09,2023

Coconut juice, sago dew is a constant meal in my family in summer. Sago is not rice. Sago is also called sago rice. The most traditional is starch extracted from heart of sago palm. It is processed by hand. become. Sago is warm in nature and sweet in taste; invigorates spleen, nourishes lungs and reduces phlegm. Large sago grains should be first choice for making desserts. When I bought them, I had no choice but to buy small sago grains. The coconut milk I choose is made from coconut flour, a specialty of Hainan, which has a richer flavor. You can also buy bottled coconut water.

Ingredients Appropriate amount of sago Appropriate amount of coconut flour Method
  • 1 coconut sago

    Cut the melon into small pieces.

  • 2 coconut sago

    Prepare sago.

  • 3 coconut sago

    Coconut flour is a branded product of Hainan.

  • 4 coconut sago

    Rinse coconut milk with boiling water according to proportions.

  • 5 coconut sago

    Add water to a pot and bring to a boil, add sago and stir while cooking to avoid sticking.

  • 6 coconut sago

    Cook until sago is half transparent, take it out, put it back in pot after running cold water and continue to cook until sago is over Q.

  • 7 coconut sago

    When it becomes not quite transparent, fire can be turned off, otherwise taste of overdone will be bad.

  • 8 coconut sago

    Rinse cooked sago rice in cold water to increase hardness and prevent coconut juice from being sucked out due to expansion of the coconut milk.

  • 9 coconut sago

    Put cooked sago into a bowl.

  • 10 coconut sago

    Add melon and your favorite fruits.

  • 11 coconut sago

    Pour in coconut milk and serve.

  • 12 coconut sago

    It tastes better in refrigerator.