Coconut Mango Sago
  • March 09,2023

Sago with mango and thick coconut milk, very tasty~

Ingredients One mango, one bottle of coconut milk, some sago
  • 1 Coconut Mango Sago

    A large fresh mango (this time of a different variety, it is red-skinned, not as sweet as previous green-skinned one, such sweetness has a sourness~)

  • 2 Coconut Mango Sago

    Cut mango into pieces, put large pieces in a bowl for later use

  • 3 Coconut Mango Sago

    Place a small mango piece next to mango core in another bowl and mash it into a puree

  • 4 Coconut Mango Sago

    Cook sago, cook until a small white spot appears in middle of sago, turn off the heat, cover and simmer for three minutes

  • 5 Coconut Mango Sago

    After simmering for three minutes, little white dots in middle will disappear. Pour it out and rinse it several times with cold water to wash off gelatin (I used a glass of cold water without a filter, which is also very convenient). healthy. , these will not end)

  • 6 Coconut Mango Sago

    Sprinkle washed sago into mango pulp

  • 7 Coconut Mango Sago

    Pour a bottle of coconut water into a bowl

  • 8 Coconut Mango Sago

    Put a spoonful of honey and stir well

  • 9 Coconut Mango Sago

    Just cover bowl with large mango that was cut earlier~