homemade yogurt
  • March 09,2023

Ingredients 2 kittens from milk Method

  • 1 homemade yogurt

    Two packs of milk and one pack of dry yogurt. The milk I use is a large 485 ml carton.

  • 2 homemade yogurt

    First, pour some milk, dilute the bacteria powder and mix well.

  • 3 homemade yogurt

    Pour in all milk again.

  • 4 homemade yogurt

    Place in yogurt maker.

  • 5 homemade yogurt

    Close lid and select yogurt function.

  • 6 homemade yogurt

    After 10 hours, machine stopped and yogurt was ready. When eating, you can add honey according to personal taste, taste is very good.

  • 7 homemade yogurt

    I use this bacteria powder for yogurt, which is a large bag with 10 small bags inside, and each small bag can make 2 kittens of milk.