Guyuan Spleen Health Decoction
  • March 09,2023

The main raw material for this porridge is "iron yam". Yams are not only a healthy vegetable, but also a well-known nutritious product. It contains protein, sugar, vitamins, fat, choline, amylase and other ingredients, and also contains iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other inorganic salts and trace elements essential for human body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sweet potato nourishes spleen and stomach, nourishes lungs and kidneys, and can be used to treat chronic diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, chronic enteritis, cough and asthma due to lung deficiency, chronic gastritis, diabetes. , spermatorrhea, enuresis and other diseases. Yams mainly have following five main therapeutic effects: 1. Regulates functioning of spleen and stomach. The weather in autumn, winter, and spring is changeable. Some people with a weak spleen and stomach often experience symptoms such as decreased appetite, bloating, flatulence, lazy speech, loose stools, and tired limbs. After checking pharmacopoeia, I found two sets of good recipes, one porridge and one soup, and I will offer them to everyone. You can use 10 grams of barley (coix seeds), 10 grams of yams (50 grams of fresh yams). ), 100g rice and appropriate amount of water to make porridge, or use 500g sweet potato, one piece of river fish (about 250g, clean and rinse), add appropriate amount of salt, wine, ginger, green onions and other seasonings, to cook soup together. Both recipes are suitable for bloating and diarrhea symptoms caused by spleen deficiency, and effect is quite good. 2. Tone up and strengthen body. People who are usually physically weak should take advantage of cool fall to boost their supplements to prepare for unexpected winter needs. Yams are hearty but not hot, warm but not dry, they are most suitable for needs of elderly, it is healthy and harmless to eat regularly. 3. Nourish lungs and moisturize dryness. Chronic cough caused by long-term illness and debility can be treated with yams. Yams are a natural product that nourishes and hydrates lungs. Clinically it is a good medicine for chronic cough and asthma due to lung failure. Consuming about 150–250 grams per day may relieve symptoms. 4. Astringent essence stops urination. Nocturnal emissions and frequent urination are caused by kidney failure. By nourishing spleen, sweet potatoes can also nourish kidneys. Eating a small amount of sweet potatoes can prevent problems before they occur. The method of consumption is simple and optional, and quantity is not limited, and it can be eaten regularly. 5. Moisturize skin and remove dryness. Yams can produce liquid and moisturize dryness, as well as nourish skin and hair, so it has a cosmetic effect. In autumn, winter and spring, skin is prone to dryness, due to which hair becomes dry and loses its appearance, so eating moreSweet potato can moisturize skin and hair. From 500 grams of sweet potato, you can cook porridge, drink it often in morning and evening. Also, I often make a simple deep-fried dish that is also best for a spring treat. This is a "fried sweet potato with mushrooms" delicacy. This small dish can nourish and protect liver. Eating sweet potatoes to nourish liver in spring can revitalize spleen and qi, and prevent damage to liver qi in spleen in spring. Secondly, it can revitalize kidneys and essence, fill body with yang energy, and enhance body's resistance and immunity. Spring is growth stage of yang energy and prone to various diseases, so eating yam is very beneficial. Today I didn't cook soup or dish mentioned above, but a simple porridge called "Healthy Porridge Guyuan Jianpi". This porridge, whether eaten regularly by men or women, can also play a role in health and anti-aging. This porridge can also prevent diseases and relieve chronic diseases, regular consumption can also prevent rough skin, soften cutin, remove wrinkles, remove warts and remove acne. The main raw materials are iron yam, coix seed rice, red beans and rice. If you want to save yourself hassle, you can also use a pressure cooker, which is very easy. The method is as follows:

Ingredients: 250 g of iron sweet potato, 80 g of barley rice, 80 g of red beans, 150 g of Japanese rice, the required amount of water.
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    Peel sweet potato and cut it into pieces, soak in lightly salted water for later use. Rinse rice, beans, etc. and soak them in water for two hours.

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    Then grind soaked barley into a paste using a kitchen machine for later use.

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    Place red beans in cold water and boil them in a saucepan. When water boils, boil red beans until they crackle. Add soaked Japanese rice and continue cooking.

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    After half an hour of boiling rice and beans, pour in beaten barley porridge.

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    When rice and beans are cooked through, add sweet potato cubes, add sweet potato and cook for 15-20 minutes before turning off heat.

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    It can be served with side dishes. If you like something sweet, you can put it in a bowl and mix it with some brown sugar.