Motofu with soy sauce
  • March 09,2023

Soy juice has a long history. It is said to have been a popular folk food as far back as Liao and Song dynasties. In eighteenth year of Qianlong (1753), someone came to palace to play a book and said, “Recently, a new thing called soy juice has appeared, and Ilib was sent to check if it is clean and drinkable. imperial dining room. Thus, soy juice, originating from people, became imperial court kitchen. Soy juice should be served with very finely chopped pickles. In summer, kohlrabi is usually used, and most exquisite of them is “jinxi mariner” from Beijing Lubiu, mixed with a little chili oil and served with it. Two burnt fried crispy fried rings, if you want to fill it, you can also serve with two horseshoe biscuits, put burnt rings inside and bite off, it tastes absolutely unique. I can't eat it, hehe! The first time you make soy juice, it will take a long time to ferment because soy juice will only be acidic if it has been fermented for a long time. To make soy juice, you must use original pulp for hair growth, it cannot be boiled and then fermented, you cannot add any additives, otherwise taste will be impure. The first time you make it, set aside 10% sour juice as a primer, and next fermentation will be much faster. Today I made it with most primitive method of natural fermentation, I thought it would ferment in ten hours, but I did not expect to see effect in more than 20 hours, ha ha! Since indoor temperature of house is too low, and I dare not put it in sun, it takes a long time to use it. When making soy juice, remember that utensils must be sterilized and wrapped with plastic wrap so that lactic acid bacteria are gradually formed and fermented naturally. Do not mix bacteria, otherwise it will smell terrible, haha! Homemade soy juice has a light mung bean flavor in sourness, which is much better than outsiders, and the acidity can be adjusted independently. The specific method of bean juice and sesame tofu is as follows:

Ingredients 150 grams of good mung beans 400 grams of sesame tofu
  • 1 Motofu with soy sauce

    Wash mung beans and add three times as much water to soak them for more than 12 hours until skins of beans are soaked.

  • 2 Motofu with soy sauce

    After soaking mung beans, rinse them and put them in kitchen machine, then add water twice to make a paste. The amount of water should be eight times that of dry beans.

  • 3 Motofu with soy sauce

    Pour thick beaten mung bean paste into a fine sieve or cheesecloth and then strain with a spoon to filter out soy milk, and remaining residue is fermented to become mochi tofu.

  • 4 Motofu with soy sauce

    Place remainder and mung bean milk into two containers respectively, then cover with plastic wrap and let stand to ferment. The initial fermentation takes about 20 hours, and each time after that it will take 12-14 hours. , The temperature is controlled at 28-32 degrees, if temperature is low, it will take longer.

  • 5 Motofu with soy sauce

    Stir fermented soy milk evenly, pour half of it into a saucepan and add 30% water to a boil.

  • 6 Motofu with soy sauce

    After soy milk boils, add remaining soy milk with a spoon and add a second time after each addition.

  • 7 Motofu with soy sauce

    After cooking, it can be warmed over low heat and then poured into a drinking bowl. It can be served with golden pieces of Lubiu hemp seeds. This small dish can reduce acidity and enhance flavor.

  • 8 Motofu with soy sauce

    Stir-fried mochi tofu; First, dice dried chili peppers and cut green onions into small pieces for later use.

  • 9 Motofu with soy sauce

    Heat a frying pan over high heat, add as much peanut butter as you need, add diced pork belly and fry, fry diced pork belly, add chopped green onion and minced ginger until fragrant, then add some yellow sauce and fry well.

  • 10 Motofu with soy sauce

    Mix sauce well, then add green beans and saute raw, then add sesame tofu and saute evenly.

  • 11 Motofu with soy sauce

    Stir well, pour in double amount of water and stir well, then add pickled sauerkraut and stir well.

  • 12 Motofu with soy sauce

    After adding water and pickled cabbage, keep stirring so that pot doesn't stick. After sautéing until thick, add some rice wine to remove some of peculiar smell, and then salt.

  • 13 Motofu with soy sauce

    After adjusting salty and light taste, sprinkle some monosodium glutamate to enhance freshness, then remove it from pot and put it on a plate, and use a spoon to make a hole in middle of mochi tofu. .

  • 14 Motofu with soy sauce

    Place chopped green onion into hole made by mochi tofu, and then spoon the appropriate amount of roasted peanuts and dried chili into a hand spoon.

  • 15 Motofu with soy sauce

    Toss chopped green onion with hot chili oil and serve.