red rice wine
  • March 09,2023

When talking about making rice wine at home, you might immediately think of sweet rice wine (wine-rice wine). And red rice wine produced today, although it is also made from glutinous rice, has same nutritional and healing effect as sweet rice wine; but whether koji is used, brewing method, time, color of finished product, and taste is different for everyone, very different from sweet rice wine. This kind of red rice wine is not sweet and fatty like fermented rice wine, and not as strong and suffocating as white wine, it is more aromatic and softer than cooking wine commonly used for cooking. But it can be considered presence of a methodology for consuming above three wines at same time. 用这种红米酒酒香浓郁,口感略带微甜,酒精度大约是12度左右。 It is used for stewed eggs, and stewed soup is excellent for pregnant food; usually when cooking, put a little fish into stew, this will have effect of removing fishy smell and enhancing flavor; when friends get together in winter, heat a pot of red rice wine and serve it with garnish, it not only warms body, but also does not harm the body like drinking white wine.

Ingredients 7 red wine koji taels 5 katchi Sticky rice 10 katchi water How to cook
  • 1 red rice wine

    After rinsing glutinous rice, soak it in water for 12 hours. The soaked glutinous rice is washed again until rice washing water runs clear.

  • 2 red rice wine

    Steam washed rice in steam grate for 30-50 minutes (you need to steam until rice is cooked and there is no white core. If you do not have such a large steam grate, you can also cook it in a rice cooker, but do not use water. Put more, just tilt pot to see water.) Pour ten kattis of water (I use tap water) into a glass wine jar (preferably a ceramic jug if available) for later use.

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    Place steamed rice in a large bowl to cool until it's no longer hot.

  • 4 red rice wine

    Place koji into rice and mix well.

  • 5 red rice wine

    Then put it in a tank filled with clean water and close lid (do not close tightly, leave some space)

  • 6 red rice wine

    Wrap the wine jar in a black bag to avoid light and keep it in a cool place.

  • 7 red rice wine

    This is what freshly set aside rice looks like.

  • 8 red rice wine

    Open lid next day and you will hear a slight fermentation and bubbling sound. It usually starts to expand and bubble from next day. During this time, stir two or three times a day with a clean wooden stick or bamboo stick to speed up fermentation. This is what it looks like after 6 days.

  • 9 red rice wine

    About 6-7 days later, when rice stops floating to surface and begins to sink, close lid tightly, wrap in a black bag and place in a dark, cool place. This is how it looks after 12-15 days.

  • 10 red rice wine

    This is what it looks like after 25 days.

  • 11 red rice wine

    It will be ready to use in about 30 days.