Crystal red fruits
  • March 09,2023

Red fruits, also known as hawthorn, shanlihong, sour hawthorn. It is rich in vitamins, butyric acid, citric acid, flavonoids, etc. It improves food digestion, reduces blood fat and alleviates atherosclerosis, regular consumption can prevent cardiovascular disease. "Red Fruit" consists of red fruits and white sugar. It is red in color, moderately sweet and sour, tasty and rich in nutrients. Carotene and other nutrients. The content of vitamin C in hawthorn is three times that of an orange, and in terms of calcium and magnesium in trace elements, it ranks first among all types of fruits.

Appropriate amount of materials and proper amount of red fruits Practice agar
  • 1 Crystal red fruits

    Materials: red fruit, rock sugar, brown sugar, agar

  • 2 Crystal red fruits

    Wash fresh red fruit, remove stalk and root of red fruit with a knife, cut into two parts and remove core.

  • 3 Crystal red fruits

    Soak an appropriate amount of agar in warm water until soft.

  • 4 Crystal red fruits

    Place red pulp in a saucepan, add water and sugar.

  • 5 Crystal red fruits

    After boiling over high heat, remove foam and put on low heat until boiling. (You do not need to add water during period, you need to stir from time to time with a spoon so that bottom does not stick)

  • 6 Crystal red fruits

    When juice becomes viscous and thickens, add a little brown sugar and mix agar evenly.

  • 7 Crystal red fruits

    Place red fruit juice and meat into a container and stir evenly, refrigerate to chill, and eat after it has set.

  • 8 Crystal red fruits

    Features: sweet and sour, delicious for all ages.