siphon for coffee
  • March 09,2023

I like to brew a cup of fragrant hot coffee every day after dinner. After hard work and fatigue, I enjoy rest and relaxation. Siphon pot coffee's biggest feature is its pure flavor. Although not as full-bodied as hand-brewed coffee, it can bring out one or more flavors perfectly. It's a very personalized coffee.

Ingredients Appropriate amount of coffee beans Appropriate amount of purified water Method
  • 1 siphon for coffee

    Get your coffee beans, grinder and siphon jug ready.

  • 2 siphon for coffee

    Grind coffee beans. The degree of grinding of this method is best medium or medium.

  • 3 siphon for coffee

    Pour alcohol into spirit lamp.

  • 4 siphon for coffee

    Clean siphon. Fix filter in middle of upper container.

  • 5 siphon for coffee

    Pour boiled clean water into bottom pot. As a rule, about 120 ml of water is used for one cup of coffee, and same amount of water can be added for each additional cup.

  • 6 siphon for coffee

    Light spirit lamp. Place directly under bottom pan to start heating.

  • 7 siphon for coffee

    Pour ground coffee over filter and shake it a few times to distribute it evenly.

  • 8 siphon for coffee

    .After water in lower pot boils, insert upper pot into interface. The water in lower pot will rise into upper pot.

  • 9 siphon for coffee

    When water stops rising, use a bamboo spatula for first stirring. Do second stir approximately 30 seconds after first stir. At this time, spirit lamp moves towards lower pot.

  • 10 siphon for coffee

    About 20 seconds after second stirring, spirit lamp can be removed from lower pot and turned on. At this time, temperature of lower tank decreases and it is close to a vacuum state, so that coffee from upper tank is sucked into lower tank.

  • 11 siphon for coffee

    After all water has drained into lower container, remove upper container.

  • 12 siphon for coffee

    Pour into a burnt coffee mug.

  • 13 siphon for coffee

    If you like it sweet, you can add sugar. Add fresh cream if you like milky taste.

  • 14 siphon for coffee

    A cup of delicious hot coffee is ready.