glutinous rice porridge
  • March 09,2023

Sticky rice is rich in B vitamins, which warm spleen and stomach and nourish qi. Lily nourishes yin, moisturizes lungs and relieves coughs. Barley reduces amount of fluid and swelling, invigorates. spleen and remove dampness, relax muscles and eliminate numbness, get rid of heat and expel pus. , Sweet potatoes are rich in starch and fiber, and cooking porridge together can nourish yin and detoxify, replenish qi, and strengthen spleen.

Appropriate amount of ingredients, glutinous rice, practice
  • 1 glutinous rice porridge

    Mix a small cup of glutinous rice, a handful of lily and half a cup of barley, put in a rice cooker in advance, add 750 ml of water and leave for 2 hours

  • 2 glutinous rice porridge

    Wash and peel sweet potatoes

  • 3 glutinous rice porridge

    The rice cooker is connected to power supply and is boiling

  • 4 glutinous rice porridge

    Peel and shred sweet potato

  • 5 glutinous rice porridge

    Pour into rice cooker, cover, open pot and turn to keep warm and cook for 15-20 minutes.

  • 6 glutinous rice porridge

    Put in a small bowl, add some sugar and sprinkle with scented osmanthus to your liking, it is sweet and delicious, suitable for nourishing spleen and lungs in spring