Fragrant brown rice tea
  • March 09,2023

Brown rice, also known as white skin, pestle bran or half bran, is made by grinding inner layer of rice bran husk and rice germ. It accounts for about 6-8% of weight of rice. Its nutritional composition is about 60% rice, and has a high nutritional value. In China it is called brown rice, and in Japan it is called brown rice. Brown rice has been mentioned more and more often lately, it can often be seen in food, drinks, cosmetics and weight loss products. Japanese "genmai tea" is made by grinding brown rice into a powder and brewing it with matcha powder. It has a dark green color. Hubei's "rice tea" is a clear soup soaked in boiled water that can also be flavored with a little sugar, which is why Tuotuo's mother called it "Brown Rice Fragrant Tea".

Ingredients 200 g brown rice
  • 1 Fragrant brown rice tea

    200 grams of brown rice, also known as light rice or firm stem rice. This type of rice contains less oil and has a milder flavor. Do not choose glutinous rice such as northeastern rice and Thai rice.

  • 2 Fragrant brown rice tea

    Rinse rice, soak in water for 20 minutes and drain. If you have time, you can spread rice on a large raft and dry it in sun. If you don't have time, just drain it.

  • 3 Fragrant brown rice tea

    Take a non-stick frying pan, pour rice into it, first stir-fry water over high heat, then switch to low heat and use a spatula to mash rice grains, and finally switch to high heat to fry rice until it swells and changes color. When it turns yellow, turn off flame.

  • 4 Fragrant brown rice tea

    Allow to cool before storing in a container with a lid to avoid contact with air.