Green bean soup
  • March 09,2023

The weather is dry this time of year, and it's easy to get angry. At this time, a bowl of mung bean porridge will give you strength. When using mung bean soup to relieve summer heat, cooking time should not be too long, keep pure soup and pure water, and do not eat beans together! Crispy mung bean soup has a good antipyretic and detoxifying effect. Consuming it after food or drug poisoning can also detoxify body, and it also has a certain effect on heat edema, heat thirst, hot dysentery, carbuncle, and smallpox. Such mung bean soup has a cloudy color and poor cooling effect, but has a strong antipyretic and detoxifying effect.

Appropriate amount of materials, appropriate amount of mung beans, appropriate amount of water, practice
  • 1 Green bean soup

    Required amount of mung beans

  • 2 Green bean soup

    Wash and soak in water for 2 hours, save time when cooking (I soaked before going to work, went home in evening and soaked for a day)

  • 3 Green bean soup

    Soaked mung beans after returning home at night

  • 4 Green bean soup


  • 5 Green bean soup

    Add appropriate amount of water to mung beans (add amount of water according to your preference, add less for those who like to eat beans and more for those who like to drink soup)

  • 6 Green bean soup

    After fire comes to a boil, turn on low heat and continue cooking

  • 7 Green bean soup

    Stir without letting beans stick to bottom of pot, continue cooking

  • 8 Green bean soup

    After about 15 minutes it was soft and rotten, ready to eat!

  • 9 Green bean soup

    Put bowl down and I'll start!