Eight Treasure Porridge
  • March 09,2023

I usually like to drink porridge most. When I was a child, my family ate millet porridge in morning and evening, steamed buns or flatbread, and rice at noon next day, and noodles next day! Now I can eat millet porridge only when I return to my mother's house, but this is no longer taste of my childhood, because my grandmother cooked all dishes at home, and I got used to taste of millet porridge. grandmother, so I feel that my mother's cooking is good for me. Not authentic! After marriage, I am mistress of kitchen, I control all ingredients, I can put whatever I want, and I don't care what it tastes like, main thing is that I like it. I got up in morning, collected all ingredients at home, and prepared eight kinds of ingredients to make eight treasure porridge! My wife gave me millet when I was driving home for Spring Festival. Although it is old rice, I really like it!

The appropriate amount of materials, appropriate amount of mung beans, appropriate amount of peanuts, appropriate amount of barley, appropriate amount of millet, appropriate amount of rice, appropriate amount of sago, appropriate amount of white fungus, appropriate amount of rice and method
  • 1 Eight Treasure Porridge

    Mung bean, barley, millet, peanut, white fungus, rice X, rice, sago, ratio of different quantities can be freely adjusted according to your preference

  • 2 Eight Treasure Porridge

    Rinse all ingredients and soak them in water overnight. I soak them in morning before I go to work and do it when I get home from work in evening

  • 3 Eight Treasure Porridge

    Rinse soaked ingredients, remove hard yellow porcini stalks and sprinkle on small flowers

  • 4 Eight Treasure Porridge

    Pour an appropriate amount of water, it is better to pour more water than less, try not to add water in the middle of cooking porridge

  • 5 Eight Treasure Porridge

    After fire boils, turn on low heat. It is best to stir bottom of pot with a spoon, sometimes rice will stick to bottom of pot

  • 6 Eight Treasure Porridge

    Cover the pot and leave some gaps. If my pot is tightly closed, it will overflow. If your pot does not have this problem, you better close it tightly, alas! The equipment is out of order!

  • 7 Eight Treasure Porridge

    Simmer slowly over low heat like this, and after a while stir with a spoon so that bottom does not stick