raisin soy milk
  • March 09,2023

Raisins are rich in potassium, which helps relieve fatigue, concentrate and restore energy. Raisins are mixed with soy milk, taste becomes sweeter, and work is more energetic. This is preferred health drink for office workers.

Ingredients 50 g soybeans
  • 1 raisin soy milk

    Prepare ingredients.

  • 2 raisin soy milk

    Soak raisins and soybeans in water for 30 minutes.

  • 3 raisin soy milk

    Pour soaked soybeans into soy milk machine.

  • 4 raisin soy milk

    Rinse soaked raisins and put them into soy milk machine.

  • 5 raisin soy milk

    Add required amount of water.

  • 6 raisin soy milk

    Close lid and press wet beans function key.

  • 7 raisin soy milk

    Cooked soy milk can be drunk after filtering.