fermented rice
  • March 09,2023

Sweet Nyang Nyang

Ingredients 2 glutinous rice patties Cooking method
  • 1 fermented rice

    Sticky rice should be soaked overnight and then steamed for 20 minutes

  • 2 fermented rice

    Freshly cooked glutinous rice is crystal clear

  • 3 fermented rice

    It can be cooled down to about 35 degrees naturally or washed down with cold water.

  • 4 fermented rice

    Pour in koji and stir

  • 5 fermented rice

    When mixed well, leave a small hole in middle without sealing

  • 6 fermented rice

    It is best to heat rice cooker with a hair dryer. Of course, it is best to have the temperature inside after steaming

  • 7 fermented rice

    Wrap it in unworn clothing and keep it warm

  • 8 fermented rice

    I'll tell you, did I put it here?

  • 9 fermented rice

    The next day, open it, add some cold boiled water and stir to get more juice

  • 10 fermented rice

    Consolidate after mixing

  • 11 fermented rice

    After pressing, you can put it on fermentation, and you can drink it no earlier than at night