do-it-yourself yogurt
  • March 09,2023

Yogurt is one of dairy products that many women who love beauty prefer. Yogurt not only contains probiotics that are beneficial for human body, but also promotes weight loss. You can also try homemade yogurt. yogurt at home and try fun of DIY yogurt.

Ingredients 2 bags (240 ml/bag) of pure milk 1 small box 1 yoghurt (00 ml)
  • 1 do-it-yourself yogurt

    Soak container and mixing tools in boiling water to sterilize (to prevent other bacteria from entering and affecting quality of yogurt) and let water in box evaporate naturally.

  • 2 do-it-yourself yogurt

    Pour milk and plain yogurt into fermentation container.

  • 3 do-it-yourself yogurt

    Mix milk mixture well.

  • 4 do-it-yourself yogurt

    The yogurt machine is set to a constant temperature, closed and left for 6-8 hours.

  • 5 do-it-yourself yogurt

    The milk is in form of bean curd and yogurt is fermented.

  • 6 do-it-yourself yogurt

    As you enjoy, you can add fruits or seasonings such as honey, sugar, and matcha powder, according to your preference.