Fresh orange juice
  • March 09,2023

The child asked me: "Mom, you always tell me not to drink drinks, what are additives, what is real orange juice? You never made it!" Feeling a little guilty, my baby is three months old. I'm at work, I'm very busy with work and I don't have days off, I'm relatively casual about my diet. I dug out a simple juicer from closet. Haven't used it for a long time. I remember using it once when I gave birth to a child. That day I was alone at home during day. Cold things, you definitely can’t drink drinks. I happened to have oranges at home, so I squeezed a few cups and put them in refrigerator for a while before drinking them. For half a month I thought that this is because I drank too much cold food, and then I dared to drink porridge only at noon and at night. I did not know that she was about to give birth until I saw redness at night. Think about how time flies, almost eight years in blink of an eye. Come on, let juicer see light

Ingredients, right amount of oranges, practice
  • 1 Fresh orange juice

    The right amount of orange

  • 2 Fresh orange juice

    The juicer makes a show

  • 3 Fresh orange juice

    Wash and cut orange

  • 4 Fresh orange juice

    Remove skin and put pulp in the juicer

  • 5 Fresh orange juice

    Press firmly on handle

  • 6 Fresh orange juice

    Pour squeezed juice into a bowl

  • 7 Fresh orange juice

    Open handle

  • 8 Fresh orange juice

    Remove juice from pulp and repeat above process until oranges are squeezed out

  • 9 Fresh orange juice

    The obtained freshly squeezed orange juice is squeezed out of three oranges, and baby drinks it at a time