Yuzu honey tea
  • March 09,2023

The price of grapefruit tea in supermarket is usually 30 to 70 yuan, and it disappears within a month after drinking, taste is sweet, and it is produced by machines. The entire cost of making grapefruit tea is only a dozen yuan, and it's even cheaper to make it yourself, which is too economical and affordable!

Ingredients 1 grapefruit practice
  • 1 Yuzu honey tea

    Choose a good grapefruit.

  • 2 Yuzu honey tea

    Open grapefruit, take out pulp of grapefruit, remove outer skin and seeds from pulp of grapefruit, and then peel it into pieces! Don't peel too much of skin because pomelo flesh will naturally dissipate during cooking process.

  • 3 Yuzu honey tea

    Soak grapefruit peel in hot water for about 10 minutes. Grapefruit usually seals a layer of wax on skin to look beautiful, so we need to use table salt to rub grapefruit gently. This will make your skin clearer! Then rinse it several times with clean water. Grapefruit peel is also very important in production process.

  • 4 Yuzu honey tea

    Peel pomelo skin and scrape off white flesh inside, preferably slowly with a knife, thinner better. This is done in order to reduce bitterness.

  • 5 Yuzu honey tea

    Scrape off thinly sliced ​​grapefruit skin and cut it into thin slices, thinner better! ! This is necessary to ensure taste of finished product.

  • 6 Yuzu honey tea

    Once preparation is complete, you can cook in pot. First, pour appropriate amount of water, add appropriate amount of rock sugar (add according to personal taste), boil rock sugar, put in crushed grapefruit peel and boil, let it completely absorb sweetness of rock sugar water. When crushed pomelo rinds are cooked to translucent, you can add pomelo pieces.

  • 7 Yuzu honey tea

    Lay out pomelo slices and cook.

  • 8 Yuzu honey tea

    After 40 minutes, color of grapefruit tea will change from white to yellow due to effect of rock sugar.

  • 9 Yuzu honey tea

    Keep cooking~~Turn off heat when water runs out and the grapefruit tea turns deep yellow.

  • 10 Yuzu honey tea

    After cooling, color of citron tea will change again, and then add appropriate amount of honey to complete production!