Tea with honey and lemon
  • March 09,2023

What kind of thirsty and nutritious drink does a loving beauty mm drink? 当然 是 的 蜂蜜 柠 檬 茶咯 ~~ 蜂蜜 : 本 草经》 说 蜂蜜 安 五 脏 , 中 , , , , , , , , , , 止痛 , 止痛 止痛 止痛 ,除 百 病 , 百 药 久服 久服 久服 轻身延 轻身延 久服 久服 久服 久服 久服 久服年 。。 《草 纲目 中 说 : 和 营卫 , 润脏 通 焦 焦 焦 三 三 三 三 三 三 三, 调脾胃。» : : 富含 种 维生素 烟酸 、 奎宁酸 、 柠檬酸 、 苹果 苹果 : Acid, hesperidin, naringin and elements with a low content in human body are very beneficial. It has effect of preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation, and women who love beauty should eat more. 普洱茶:降脂、减肥、降压、抗动脉硬化。 Anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Nutrition and protection of stomach. Dental care. Anti-inflammatory and sterilizing. Anti-aging care, beauty and beauty. Sober up. Diuretic.

Ingredients, pot of water, practice
  • 1 Tea with honey and lemon

    Boil a pot of water, pour some of boiled water into a glass with a bag of pu-erh, after a while pour out tea, and then pour in boiled water again.

  • 2 Tea with honey and lemon

    If it's a hot summer, you can put in a few small ice cubes in an appropriate amount to reduce heat. In winter, just drink it hot~~Puer tea is suitable for all seasons~~