Sour plum soup
  • March 09,2023

Ingredients: 100 g ebony, 100 g licorice, 10 g osmanthus, 10 g rock sugar, 400 g hawthorn.

  • 1 Sour plum soup

    Here's a group photo~~ If you don't like smell of scented osmanthus, you can also reduce dosage to 5 grams or replace it with roses.

  • 2 Sour plum soup

    Wash hawthorn and prunes and soak in drinking water for 5-6 hours. I like to soak longer to cut down on cooking time and save gas.

  • 3 Sour plum soup

    After soaking for 6 hours, both hawthorn and ebony have faded and the water has turned reddish brown.

  • 4 Sour plum soup

    Pack soaked hawthorn, black plum, and peeled licorice and osmanthus in a one-time marinade.

  • 5 Sour plum soup

    Add the soaked hawthorn stock solution and about 1500 ml of straight drinking water.

  • 6 Sour plum soup

    Boil over high heat, cook over low heat for 1 hour, until about 2/3 of original water remains, pour out plum soup, add 1000 ml of water and boil for 1 hour, and get a second pot of 800 ml of sour plum soup.

  • 7 Sour plum soup

    Sour plum soup must be half hot and half cold before adding sugar, otherwise it will not be sweet when hot. I cooked 1800 ml of sour plum soup, put about 400 grams of rock sugar, tried it, it's still very sour! If you like it sweeter, you can add more sugar. You can also add about 10 grams of salt to taste, and taste will be richer.