Yogurt pumpkin puree
  • March 09,2023

I don't have a very good waist lately. I must have twisted it when I hugged baby once. Now child is getting heavier and heavier. I can't bend over and put my hands on baby's armpits like I used to. It's better to squat down and hug baby Once again, it's also a good reminder for mothers to be careful when holding their babies. Well, now we don't drag floor and clean plumbing, but you can't slow down enthusiasm for cooking! I wanted to have fun today, and after I finished taking dozens of photos, my waist can only straighten out slowly and slowly, hey! Who to blame? Do it yourself!

Appropriate amount of ingredients, gourd practice
  • 1 Yogurt pumpkin puree

    Cut pumpkin into cubes.

  • 2 Yogurt pumpkin puree

    Steam in a double boiler.

  • 3 Yogurt pumpkin puree

    Place it in kitchen machine and add some boiling water to make a paste.

  • 4 Yogurt pumpkin puree

    Close container.

  • 5 Yogurt pumpkin puree

    Squeeze out yogurt and use a toothpick to draw a "rice" symbol.