homemade yogurt
  • March 09,2023

This is easy to do with a yogurt maker and is a lazy option. I am very happy when I get to do this for first time, it will solve a big problem for us yogurt lovers, drinking fresh yogurt every day is a great pleasure.

Ingredients 100 g yogurt Practice
  • 1 homemade yogurt

    Prepare 3 packs of fresh milk and 1 cup of yogurt.

  • 2 homemade yogurt

    Scald container with boiling water for about 1 minute, mainly for sterilization

  • 3 homemade yogurt

    Pour pure milk into a container.

  • 4 homemade yogurt

    Pour in yogurt (for primer).

  • 5 homemade yogurt

    Mix well with a spoon.

  • 6 homemade yogurt

    Place closed container into yogurt maker and close top lid.

  • 7 homemade yogurt

    Yogurt will be ready automatically 8-12 hours after power is turned on. I did this at 8:30pm, turned off power at 6am, and moved yogurt box to fridge.

  • 8 homemade yogurt

    Freshly fermented yogurt can be eaten immediately, but after cooling and cleaning for 24 hours, taste is better and aroma is cleaner. Open it and you will see that the yogurt has hardened like a tofu brain, this is a success, it should be described as a flat lake like a mirror.

  • 9 homemade yogurt

    Add fruit pellets that are on market to eat together, taste will be more delicious