Mango Sago
  • March 09,2023

The hot summer is coming! Under bright sun, there will inevitably be irritability. If you can eat a bowl of cool, sour and sweet, delicious mango sago dew at this time, it will be refreshing~~ Mango is rich in vitamin C, and it also has a beauty effect Oh~~

Ingredients: 2 mangoes with appropriate amount of sago
  • 1 Mango Sago

    Wash surface of mango first

  • 2 Mango Sago

    Remove mango and cut it into small pieces

  • 3 Mango Sago

    Mash regular mango into a paste, if you like it sweeter you can add some sugar

  • 4 Mango Sago

    Preparing sago. Here Maomao prepares small sago grains.

  • 5 Mango Sago

    Prepare pot, put sago into boiling water, open lid and stir gently with a spoon while cooking to prevent sago from sticking to pot.

  • 6 Mango Sago

    Wait until sago is cooked and translucent on outside. Turn off flame when a small white spot remains inside. Then cover pot with a lid and cook for about 15 minutes until the sago is completely translucent. Wash off with cold water.

  • 7 Mango Sago

    Take out boiled sago, drain water and put it in mango sauce that was prepared earlier. Add required amount of milk according to personal taste.

  • 8 Mango Sago

    Lastly, place mango cubes in a bowl and refrigerate. In an hour, you can enjoy cold and delicious mango sago!