Sydney loquat soup
  • March 09,2023

It's spring now, sky is dry, and children at home are starting to get angry, coughing non-stop, no matter how much medicine they take. So I just stopped giving him medication. Two days ago he said that he wanted to eat mango and this thing was very annoying, so when he bought it, he saw a medlar next to him, so by way he bought it. That is, this season there is only medlar, and after season there will be no medlar. I think when I was young, whenever I got a medlar, I would definitely buy it and eat it. I suddenly remembered that when I was in college, Hyer's father took me to Jinan, where there were peddlers on streets of Jinan selling baskets of medlar. The boy's father bought me some food, but it was sour. But I think it's very tasty!

Ingredients 100g medlar 100g Sydney A small packet of lotus root powder Method
  • 1 Sydney loquat soup

    Prepare materials

  • 2 Sydney loquat soup

    Sydney medlar, pitted and cut into pieces, pour water

  • 3 Sydney loquat soup

    Lotus root powder is dissolved in cold water

  • 4 Sydney loquat soup

    After medlar is cooked until soft, add lotus root powder, stirring until soup shrinks and thickens, then turn off heat

  • 5 Sydney loquat soup

    After pear soup has cooled, add honey to taste