Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice
  • March 09,2023

Sandwiches I've made before paired with this milk-egg fermented glutinous rice. I suggest girls to drink more. Especially after that (you know). Let's talk about milk-egg fermented glutinous rice. Milk and egg fermented glutinous rice (milk and egg fermented glutinous rice is also available), as name suggests, is boiled with milk, eggs, and fermented glutinous rice. It is a popular delicacy in Lanzhou, Jincheng. Lanzhou. First, boil fermented glutinous rice in milk, add frangipane, sprinkle with raisins, wolfberry, peanuts, sugar, etc. The finished product is yellow-white, aroma of milk and rice wine is really intoxicating, and taste of frangipani is soft, smooth and refreshing, sweet and slightly sour, it is really delicious in color, flavor, and various dried and fresh fruits are dotted with colorful flowers. rare delicacy. Three Reasons to Love Milk-Egg Fermented Sticky Rice 1: Nutrient-rich, easy to digest and absorb, aid digestion and increase appetite, it is most "close to perfect food". 2: Refreshing and Relieving Fatigue Quench thirst and relieve fever, promote blood circulation, relax tendons and activate collaterals, strengthen body, and it is also a good qi and blood nourishment for middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women. and those who are weak. 3: Beauty and beauty rich in protein, minerals, etc., especially rich in B vitamins, can moisturize skin, protect epidermis, anti-wrinkle, make skin smooth, soft, white and tender, make hair black and reduce shedding thus playing a role in skin care. cosmetic effect. Fourth: weight loss Dairy products contain a lot of fat and calories, so many people do not eat dairy products to lose weight. However, studies conducted by University of Tennessee in USA have shown that rich calcium element in this product is very important for breakdown of fat in human body.

Ingredients Appropriate amount of milk Appropriate amount of fermented glutinous rice Appropriate amount of eggs Appropriate amount of black sesame seeds Appropriate amount of walnut kernels Appropriate amount of raisins Method
  • 1 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    Ingredients. Ready. . . 3 2 1 . start off. It's right. Walnut kernels and black sesame seeds are ones I copied earlier. I'll tell you how to fry later. You can also add peanuts, and fried will be tastier, but I don’t have it at home, and I didn’t buy it.

  • 2 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    Pour milk into pan, I poured a little more than half. For two. Remember to keep fire low and stir and stir if there is nothing to do.

  • 3 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    The heat output proves that there is almost no heat. We put a little food alkali in milk. A little is enough.

  • 4 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    Put walnuts in. I chopped walnuts. It would be better than to leave. But not too broken.

  • 5 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    Add fragrant black sesame seeds.

  • 6 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    Add washed raisins. First I put raisins, they will be a little sour when it tastes good. Friends who don't like sour can put it last.

  • 7 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    Don't forget to stir ingredients. Otherwise, milk will stick to pan.

  • 8 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    The eggs are beaten. Whisk, pouring into a saucepan, frangipane o. I broke an egg.

  • 9 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    Why did I put fermented glutinous rice at end? Since it has wine in it, it evaporates easily and has no taste. So I put it at end. After adding it, stir and, stirring, turn off fire. Friends who like it sweeter can add sugar. I didn't let it go.

  • 10 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    Done. Wow, I really want to try milk. Pay attention to method of roasting sesame and walnuts. Rinse sesame seeds with a colander or gauze. Then let it dry without waiting for water to dry. Preheat pan over high heat, remember that pan must be clean. Then turn off heat, add sesame seeds and fry continuously without stopping. Hearing sound of sesame jumping out, he proves that sesame is ready. After frying it will be bitter. If you can not hear, you can fry over low heat. Be sure to keep frying. After roasting sesame seeds, add walnuts and fry a little. You can also add peanuts. It will taste better.

  • 11 Milk Egg Fermented Sticky Rice

    My ham and egg sandwich comes with glutinous rice fermented with milk and egg. It is delicious.