sweet wine
  • March 09,2023

Also known as sweet wine and glutinous glutinous rice, it is product of glutinous rice fermented with rhizopus (and a small amount of slime and yeast). After glutinous rice is brewed, nutrients are more easily absorbed by human body. It is a good qi and blood nourishment product for middle-aged and old people, pregnant women and weak. It contains many beneficial mushrooms. to human body. Softening effect. (The text above is taken from Internet) There are many benefits of fermented rice, but materials used are very simple: glutinous rice, sweet wine powder, water. It's not that hard to make at home.

Ingredients: one cat glutinous rice practice
  • 1 sweet wine

    Rinse glutinous rice repeatedly until rice water runs clear, then soak for 12 hours

  • 2 sweet wine

    Put soaked glutinous rice on a steaming grate covered with gauze and steam for about 30 minutes until rice is fully cooked and there are no raw materials.

  • 3 sweet wine

    Rice should be steamed and chewy, but not overcooked.

  • 4 sweet wine

    After steamed glutinous rice has dissolved in cold boiling water, collect it immediately.

  • 5 sweet wine

    Pour liqueur powder directly into scooped rice and mix well.

  • 6 sweet wine

    Place mixed rice in a glass bottle and make a small hole in middle.

  • 7 sweet wine

    After closing cap, wrap bottle with a small blanket (preheated by a hair dryer),

  • 8 sweet wine

    After 2-3 days, you can smell aroma of wine when you open lid, and if you press lightly with a spoon, a lot of wine juice will come out.

  • 9 sweet wine

    Good fermented rice should have a rich aroma, clear juice and be sweet like honey. The rice grains are not uncooked, become hollow and have a slight frothy taste. Rice grains are distinct but not loose.