banana smoothie
  • March 09,2023

I really like to eat bananas. I remember when I first came to Yunnan, fruit stands around school cost from one to five or two yuan per kilo, but I was so happyAt that time, I would buy two large bunches as soon as I went outside. For just a few dollars, hostel can be happily used as a meal. Although price of bananas has also risen to 3-4 yuan per kilogram, they should still be cheaper than in many places. Made this banana milkshake for first time today and I loved it. It's much more affordable than seven or eight yuan for a cup bought from a cold drink shop on street, and taste is also very good!

Ingredients two bananas 150ml pure milk practice
  • 1 banana smoothie

    Peel two bananas.

  • 2 banana smoothie

    Cut bananas into small pieces and set aside.

  • 3 banana smoothie

    Place sliced ​​bananas into blender.

  • 4 banana smoothie

    Pour milk into blender glass.

  • 5 banana smoothie

    Cover lid, turn it on and get ready to stir.

  • 6 banana smoothie

    Blender is working.

  • 7 banana smoothie

    Stir intermittently two or three times, each time for more than ten seconds, to make bananas smaller.

  • 8 banana smoothie

    Pour banana milkshake into a glass and serve immediately.

  • 9 banana smoothie

    Banana milkshake