pumpkin juice
  • March 09,2023

Pumpkin is one of ingredients I often eat for Lele. It tastes soft and sweet. She likes it very much. It's also easy to cook. Very easy to cook. She loves to eat dirt. days I gave her Zha water to drink, and then gave her mud. I took a photo this time, so I'll post both juice and mud.

Ingredients 100g pumpkin practice
  • 1 pumpkin juice

    Wash and clean pumpkin piece.

  • 2 pumpkin juice

    Cut peeled pumpkin into small pieces.

  • 3 pumpkin juice

    Pour required amount of water into pot and boil it, then put pieces of pumpkin in it.

  • 4 pumpkin juice

    Cover and cook for 10 minutes.

  • 5 pumpkin juice

    Take 4-5 small pieces of pumpkin and squeeze juice out of them. Strain pumpkin through a strainer to get pumpkin juice.

  • 6 pumpkin juice

    The remaining pumpkin is drained, put in a bowl and crushed with a spoon, you get pumpkin puree.