Red bean sago
  • March 09,2023

Appropriate amount of ingredients red beans, sago, fresh milk, almonds, practice

  • 1 Red bean sago

    Look at ingredients

  • 2 Red bean sago

    Soak red beans for at least half a day.

  • 3 Red bean sago

    Boil a pot of water and simmer sago until only small white dots remain in middle. Turn off heat and cook for another 10 minutes.

  • 4 Red bean sago

    Cold water several times for later use.

  • 5 Red bean sago

    Red beans are cooked in a pot.

  • 6 Red bean sago

    Simmer until red beans are soft but not blooming, add brown sugar and continue to cook until soup is dry, pour in honey and honeyed red beans are ready.

  • 7 Red bean sago

    Blanch the almonds and set aside.

  • 8 Red bean sago

    Place sago, almonds and red beans in a bowl and cover with fresh milk.

  • 9 Red bean sago

    Look at the finished product