Black sesame paste
  • March 09,2023

In 1980s, when classic southern black sesame paste ad appeared, many people were greedy. A woman was shouting sesame paste in street. The fragrant black sesame paste and its fragrance attracted many people. Customers, especially a child, had to lick bowl after drinking. While this is just a promotional idea, it also reflects appeal of black sesame paste. Black sesame paste is not only tasty, but also very healthy in terms of maintaining health. Black sesame not only contains a lot of fat and protein, but also a lot of vitamins and amino acids necessary for human body. It is suitable for people of all ages to eat. It can not only increase resistance, but also moisturize skin, blacken hair, and brighten complexion .

Ingredients 250 g black sesame
  • 1 Black sesame paste

    Toast black sesame seeds over low heat and let them cool for later use

  • 2 Black sesame paste

    Toast raw peanuts over low heat and let cool for later use

  • 3 Black sesame paste

    Toast walnuts until fragrant, set aside for later

  • 4 Black sesame paste

    Place cooled black sesame seeds in a dry grinding bowl, grind them into a powder and take out ground black sesame seeds for later use

  • 5 Black sesame paste

    Chop cooled peanuts and sprinkle with black sesame powder

  • 6 Black sesame paste

    Grated walnuts

  • 7 Black sesame paste

    Place three ingredients in a dry mixing bowl, add appropriate amount of sugar and grind again

  • 8 Black sesame paste

    Place ground sesame paste in a jar, let it cool, then swirl and store in refrigerator. Take an appropriate amount of black sesame paste each time, add an appropriate amount of hot water and mix well.