autumn pear cream
  • March 09,2023

Qiu Li Gao is also called Xue Li Gao. It is made from selected autumn pears (or duck pears, snow pears) as main raw material, and is mixed with other medicines to relieve cough, eliminate phlegm, stimulate body fluids. and nourishing lungs, such as raw earth, kudzu root, radish, Ophiopogon japonicus, lotus root, ginger juice, fritillaria, honey and other medicinal and food raw materials are carefully brewed. It is often used in clinic to treat lung fever, polydipsia, dry stools and stuffy stools caused by heat and dryness. , Lung yin overwork, cough with white sputum, chronic cough and hemoptysis and other respiratory diseases. Qiuli ointment used to be a special medicine in court, and it did not spread to people until it was given to court by Qing Dynasty imperial physician. And since it is made from autumn pears from Beijing suburbs and sold in capital, it has become a traditional Beijing delicacy.

  • 1 autumn pear cream

    Peel pears, cut into cubes and squeeze juice with a juicer

  • 2 autumn pear cream

    Peel mangosteen from skin, shell can also be used, just wash it a little

  • 3 autumn pear cream

    Wash red dates

  • 4 autumn pear cream

    Ginger slices

  • 5 autumn pear cream

    Place above ingredients into squeezed pear juice and cook together, first simmering over high heat, then medium and low heat

  • 6 autumn pear cream

    Simmer for about half an hour, soup is already a little viscous, at this time we remove slags of Luo Han Guo, red dates and pieces of ginger

  • 7 autumn pear cream

    Add rock sugar, turn on a high heat to collect juice, and wait until it becomes thick like honey.

  • 8 autumn pear cream

    After pear juice boils, let it cool and add some honey.