honey yogurt
  • March 09,2023

Everyone is worrying about skin yogurt lately, but yogurt is rich in nutrients, how to eat safe and healthy yogurt? Please follow Xin to do together. Very simple and simple. . . But before you prepare it, let me tell you about benefits of drinking yogurt: ① It can break down lactose and protein in milk, making it easier for human body to digest and absorb ② Yogurt can stimulate gastric acid secretion. juice, increase appetite and enhance digestion Effectiveness ③ is that lactic acid bacteria can reduce production of some carcinogens, so it has anti-cancer effect ④ it can inhibit reproduction of spoilage bacteria in intestinal tract and weaken toxins produced by spoilage bacteria in intestinal tract ⑤ has effect of lowering cholesterol, especially suitable for high blood pressure People with blood lipids drink it ⑥ Improve human immune function, lactic acid bacteria can produce some substances that enhance immune function, can improve human immunity, prevent disease ⑦, calcium supplement, prevent osteoporosis, etc. That sounds a little grumpy, okay. Let's get started now. .

Ingredients 450ml sterilized milk Practice
  • 1 honey yogurt

    Cooking materials, sterilized milk, honey, some yogurt

  • 2 honey yogurt

    Add a tablespoon of yogurt to fermentation container of yogurt maker. (Note that the process of making yogurt should not be stained with oil, otherwise it will be difficult to ferment.)

  • 3 honey yogurt

    Pour sterilized milk into fermentation tank of yogurt maker (note: milk must be at room temperature, too hot milk will kill probiotics, so it will not ferment, you can buy pure milk in supermarket, it is very convenient)

  • 4 honey yogurt

    Add an appropriate amount of honey, mix well, if you like sweetness, you can add more. Good honey yogurt has a floral-fruity aroma. .

  • 5 honey yogurt

    Cover first lid of yogurt maker, add warm water to it, and then cover outer lid. (Note you should add chilled milk also in cold weather, but if you add this step more often, fermentation will be better..)

  • 6 honey yogurt

    Prepare yogurt machine yogurt function, and time for yogurt machine to automatically appear is usually 10 hours. The backlight of display is blue.

  • 7 honey yogurt

    After setting yogurt button, indicator will change color and a countdown will begin, indicating that fermentation has begun. (Note that each yogurt machine is different, but you should check if it is set up, if time changes and if yogurt is fermented)

  • 8 honey yogurt

    After ten hours, yogurt maker will automatically tell you that honey yogurt is still warm.

  • 9 honey yogurt

    Look, it's similar to nao tofu, but taste is really soft and gooey, and it melts as soon as you swallow it. It's good to eat alone. If you add old brown sugar to eat, there will be a faint taste of chocolate, personal taste, you do not need to care. O(∩_∩)Oh ha!

  • 10 honey yogurt

    Of course, everyone is free to let their creativity run wild and add their favorite fruits, nuts, oatmeal and jam. . . . . .

  • 11 honey yogurt

    Chilled yogurt is like ice cream, like whipped cream used as a substitute for salad dressing and cold fruit. Not to mention that it is very healthy, it is a kind of treat in hot summer. I strongly believe that everyone should have more and better ideas. . . Hurry up to do it yourself. .