peanut milk
  • March 09,2023

Ingredients 30 g peanuts 50 g soybeans

  • 1 peanut milk

    30 grams of peanuts and 50 grams of soybeans.

  • 2 peanut milk

    Place required amount of water for soaking.

  • 3 peanut milk

    Peel peanuts that have been soaked for 20 minutes and soak for another 20 minutes.

  • 4 peanut milk

    Soak soybeans for 10-12 hours. Soaked peanuts and soybeans.

  • 5 peanut milk

    Place peanuts and soybeans in a blender, then add some water and blend until ingredients are very fine.

  • 6 peanut milk

    Filter the frothed soy milk.

  • 7 peanut milk

    Heat soy milk and add some sugar to drink. I warmed it up in microwave.