rice soup milk
  • March 09,2023

This method, taught by an old man, is to use rice soup instead of boiled water to make milk for a baby. Rice soup is rich in nutrients and tastes great when used to make milk! It should be recalled that infants can drink it only from six months, up to six months it is better to use breast milk or water.

Ingredients Appropriate amount of milk Appropriate amount of rice soup Practice
  • 1 rice soup milk

    Preparing rice soup is very simple. Pour two to three times more water than a cup of Mijia into pressure cooker and turn it on to first level of porridge cooking.

  • 2 rice soup milk

    Prepare rice soup, let it cool to about 40 degrees, and then add appropriate amount of formula according to age of child.

  • 3 rice soup milk

    Stir with a spoon so that milk is completely dissolved in rice soup.