five-grain soy milk
  • March 09,2023

For people like me who don't like to drink plain water, soy milk is best drink. Soy milk is rich in vegetable protein and phospholipids, as well as vitamin B1.B2 and niacin. In addition, soy milk also contains minerals such as iron and calcium, especially calcium it contains. Although it is not as good as tofu, it is higher than any other milk, which is very suitable for elderly, adults and teenagers.

Ingredients 10 g soy 10 g black beans 10 g red beans 10 g peanuts 10 g black sesame
  • 1 five-grain soy milk

    Prepare 10 g each of soybeans, black beans, red beans, peanuts and black sesame seeds, soak them overnight in advance, and in morning you can squeeze soy milk.

  • 2 five-grain soy milk

    Place soaked beans in soy milk machine.

  • 3 five-grain soy milk

    Add 800 ml of water.

  • 4 five-grain soy milk

    After adding water, start squeezing soy milk.

  • 5 five-grain soy milk

    Pour squeezed raw soy milk into a saucepan of milk and boil with a little rock sugar.