Soy milk jujube
  • March 09,2023

The price of red dates in supermarket has been reduced, so I bought a few, following trend. Although this food is very nutritious, it is very difficult to remember to eat it every day. Digestibility, if made into soy milk, you can easily have a cup of breakfast. It is rich in nutrients and has a particularly aromatic taste.

Ingredients 1 cup soybeans 3 red dates
  • 1 Soy milk jujube

    Use measuring cup provided with your soy milk machine to measure out a cup of soybeans

  • 2 Soy milk jujube

    They say it's called Hetian Junzao and it's quite large so 3 is almost enough, if you have small dates you can add more in moderation

  • 3 Soy milk jujube

    Wash and soak soybeans night before

  • 4 Soy milk jujube

    The next morning, discard soybean water and rinse again

  • 5 Soy milk jujube

    Pour soaked soybeans into soy milk machine

  • 6 Soy milk jujube

    Dice red dates

  • 7 Soy milk jujube

    Pour diced red dates into the soy milk machine

  • 8 Soy milk jujube

    Add water to top and bottom scale lines

  • 9 Soy milk jujube

    Power on

  • 10 Soy milk jujube

    Press five-grain soy milk button, soy milk machine will start working

  • 11 Soy milk jujube

    When beep sounds, soy milk is ready

  • 12 Soy milk jujube

    Whipped soy milk has a strong smell of red dates, very fragrant