rice soup
  • March 09,2023

Rice soup, also known as rice oil, is a layer of porridge oil condensed on surface of a pot when first grade rice is used to make porridge or dry rice. Rice soup is sweet and flat in nature, can nourish Yin and increase strength, and has a good nutritional effect. Wang Shixiong, a famous Qing Dynasty physician, said in his book Suixiju Diet Spectrum: "The poor suffer from deficiency syndrome, and instead of ginseng soup, they consume thick rice soup, and every time they get a miracle." This means that poor people cannot afford ginseng, and people of Jiangnan use rice soup as a substitute for ginseng soup, which often has miraculous effects. In my childhood, milk powder was not as popular as it is now, when mother has no milk, child can only drink rice soup and make milk cakes. Even now, when baby is less than six months old, if mother or baby is sick and cannot drink milk yet, rice soup is often used instead. I remember when my mother cooked rice, she often gave me some rice soup. Even when I grew up and rarely went home at least once, my mother did not forget to leave rice soup for me when she cooked. a small bowl of thick rice soup, condensed mother's heart.

Appropriate amount of ingredients, rice practice
  • 1 rice soup

    The right amount of rice, not too little or rice soup won't be thick enough

  • 2 rice soup

    Rice washed

  • 3 rice soup

    Pour into rice cooker

  • 4 rice soup

    Add right amount of water, cook a little more than usual

  • 5 rice soup

    Press cooking button of rice cooker and cook until grains of rice are clearly swollen, you should pay special attention to this

  • 6 rice soup

    It boils in a saucepan, soup becomes thicker, we are just starting to collect soup

  • 7 rice soup

    Scoop rice soup with a spoon, be careful not to scoop up rice grains

  • 8 rice soup

    I only scooped up half of bowl

  • 9 rice soup

    You can add some sugar to taste