Home wine
  • March 09,2023

Appropriate amount of ingredients Sticky rice Method

  • 1 Home wine

    Rinse glutinous rice and soak in water for two hours.

  • 2 Home wine

    Place soaked glutinous rice in a heatproof container, add water to cover glutinous rice. (Put water just above glutinous rice)

  • 3 Home wine

    Microwave for three minutes.

  • 4 Home wine

    Microwave for an additional three minutes. Then mix well. Put in microwave for three minutes.

  • 5 Home wine

    After heating three times, glutinous rice is ready. (I use two tablespoons of glutinous rice each time) Spread out cooked glutinous rice and let it cool as soon as possible.

  • 6 Home wine

    Prepare wine cakes. Using a rolling pin, crush cake into powder. (I forgot to take a picture of powder)

  • 7 Home wine

    Place wine powder tortilla into warm glutinous rice and mix well. (The specific amount depends on amount of glutinous rice. My method is to coat two-thirds of glutinous rice with wine pomace powder)

  • 8 Home wine

    Place well-mixed glutinous rice into prepared glass bottle (remember the bottle must be clean and unoiled)

  • 9 Home wine

    After setting, insert a clean stick from middle and stir clockwise a few times to create a hole. The main thing is that he has a place for better fermentation.

  • 10 Home wine

    After completing all procedures, wrap neck of bottle with plastic wrap.

  • 11 Home wine

    Close lid tightly and wrap it in a clean plastic kitchen bag. Cover entire bottle with a new robe.

  • 12 Home wine

    Then wrap it in a windbreaker and put it in a warmer place to ferment it. (Since we still have 10 degrees here, I put it next to radiator)

  • 13 Home wine

    Three days later I smelled wine. I open it and see, wow, it turned out very well. I could not resist and scooped up a large spoon with a spoon, and tasted it, sweet wine was thick.

  • 14 Home wine

    So I made a frangipani liqueur. (The method is very simple: boil water, add sugar, then put in egg liquid and turn off heat. With chopsticks, quickly separate egg liquid and pour it into a bowl of fermented rice)

  • 15 Home wine

    Egg liqueur was also made. (Method: boil eggs in water until they are ripe. Then take them out, put sugar in water and boil, then pour into a bowl with eggs and fermented rice).