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  • March 09,2023

Full version 玫瑰佳 一 道 美容 养颜 的 甜品 甜品 了 银耳 的 、 玫瑰花 的 芳香 芳香 ~~~

用料 2 朵 (朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵 朵) 银耳 8 片玫瑰花瓣 15 克玫瑰 8 How to make rose pollen Ke Wen
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    Prepare necessary ingredients.

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    Weigh pollen from roses.

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    Soak white fungus in warm water, wash off dirt and remove yellow stems. (this is yellow part)

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    Soak rose petals in salt water for about 20 minutes and rinse.

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    Place all rose petals, pink sauce and porcini mushrooms into soy milk machine.

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    Add appropriate amount of water to water level and press the five-grain rice paste switch.

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    Place pink tremella paste in a glass bottle, add rock sugar and pink powder while hot, stir well and drink.