Fresh fruit porridge
  • March 09,2023

Recently, weather has been very hot, if you go outside at noon, temperature on road will be at least 40 degrees. The whole family lost their appetite, especially children, who all day long wanted to eat iced porridge with fresh fruit from Red Sports Machine confectionery. How can such a small thing bother us? ! Look at me, there are all sorts of fruits at home. After a while, I made an ice-cold porridge from fresh fruits. The child shouted joyfully: “Mom, everything is just as tasty and there are enough ingredients.” I said, “Of course, I won't make any money from you.” Fresh fruit iced porridge is rich in vitamins and protein. , and it's served with mung beans, which cool and relieve heat, and red beans, which nourish blood and nourish skin. With a cool combination of ice shavings, this is a really good product for nourishing, cooling and relieving heat in summer.

Ingredients: 50 g watermelon, 50 g crispy melon, 50 g peach.
  • 1 Fresh fruit porridge

    Peel peaches, sweet melons and watermelons and cut them into small cubes. Place red beans and mung beans in two small bowls, add appropriate amount of water, place them in electric pressure cooker and cook.

  • 2 Fresh fruit porridge

    Take a small bowl and add an appropriate amount of diced watermelon, diced sweet and crunchy melon, diced peach, and an appropriate amount of red beans and mung beans.

  • 3 Fresh fruit porridge

    Stock up on ice cubes and magic bars in freezer.

  • 4 Fresh fruit porridge

    Place ice cubes in a blender glass.

  • 5 Fresh fruit porridge

    Prepare your yogurt.

  • 6 Fresh fruit porridge

    Pour half a glass of yogurt.

  • 7 Fresh fruit porridge

    Stir with your magic wand to make ice chips.

  • 8 Fresh fruit porridge

    It's ice cream chips.

  • 9 Fresh fruit porridge

    Sprinkle fruit with whipped sherry over ice and serve.