red bean milk
  • March 09,2023

Adzuki beans are not only a delicious food, but also an excellent medicine for doctors to treat diseases. Needless to say, there are many benefits, but Motherland medicine reminds: "Taking more to remove fluid from body will make people boring." It can be seen that when using it, you must also have a scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts. I'm so tired these days when I make soy milk, I also add a handful of red beans to complete it

Ingredients Appropriate amount of red beans Appropriate amount of soybeans Method
  • 1 red bean milk

    One cup of soybeans, half a cup of red beans, harvest and clean

  • 2 red bean milk

    Wash beans and soak overnight

  • 3 red bean milk

    The next morning, put beans in soy milk machine

  • 4 red bean milk

    Add appropriate amount of water according to scale

  • 5 red bean milk

    Press whole soy milk button, nothing will happen

  • 6 red bean milk

    Soy milk is very flavorful

  • 7 red bean milk

    Put in a bowl, add some sugar or honey to taste