black bean milk
  • March 09,2023

Soybeans are rich in high-quality protein, and protein is main substance of human body and material basis of human life. Engels pointed out: "The main feature of life is that chemical composition of protein is constantly self-renewing." The protein content reaches about 40%, and black beans can reach 50%, which is more than twice that of lean pork, three times that of eggs, and 12 times that of milk. close to amino acids needed by human body. It is a complete protein. Each 100 g of soybeans contains about 11 mg of iron, 480 mg of phosphorus, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, etc. It is popularly called " vegetable meat", "green dairy cow" and "bean king". Soybeans are processed into fresh soy milk, its structural state has changed, degree of protein dissociation has greatly increased, and absorption rate has improved. According to scientific research According to studies, rate of digestion and absorption of fresh soy milk reaches 95%, which is much higher than that of boiled soybeans (65%), full fat soy milk (80%) and skimmed soy milk (85%).

Appropriate amount of ingredients, black beans, practice
  • 1 black bean milk

    An appropriate amount of washed black beans and soybeans

  • 2 black bean milk

    Pour water into soy milk machine up to the water level

  • 3 black bean milk

    Select dry bean key and press Start button

  • 4 black bean milk

    After whipping, pour into a bowl, add some sugar, stir well and drink