• March 09,2023

Intense taste of espresso with delicate milk foam; Splashed with frothed milk and blended with coffee flavor from bottom up, a new generation of coffee drinkers will love it. It has an irresistible unique charm. At first it smells very fragrant. When drinking from first sip, you feel sweetness and softness of a large amount of milk foam. With second sip, you can feel real taste of original coffee beans. Some of them are bitter and full bodied and when taste stays in mouth at end you feel softer and timeless... The first time I made this, foam and pattern weren't perfect. I hope to achieve more in future. Enjoy a cappuccino in morning with a little dessert. A new day starts with sweetness. . .

Materials Small bag of instant coffee Method
  • 1 cappuccino

    Pour in milk.

  • 2 cappuccino

    Prepare a small bag of instant coffee.

  • 3 cappuccino

    Make coffee and set aside.

  • 4 cappuccino

    Whip whipped cream into spades.

  • 5 cappuccino

    Pour milk and whipped cream over coffee and select your desired pattern with cocoa powder on top.

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