Green bean soup
  • March 09,2023

Mung bean soup is easy to make and a drink that suits all seasons. I think seasoning with sugar is best choice! The interaction between two brings out full flavor of mung bean soup. Let's see how mung bean soup is made... ...

Ingredients Two cups of mung bean Appropriate amount of water Cooking method
  • 1 Green bean soup

    Place two cups of mung beans in a measuring cup (sizes three people) and rinse. You can also adjust amount of beans depending on whether you want to eat more beans or drink more soup. I personally find that two cups of beans can be filled with a four liter rice cooker and ratio of beans to water is just right.

  • 2 Green bean soup

    My family has a four liter rice cooker, which is very common. Fill with water, select porridge function, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a computer, just press cook. Remember to dry water on outside of non-stick pan and do not cover during entire cooking process, so as not to overflow soup when boiling, otherwise it will damage rice cooker heating plate.

  • 3 Green bean soup

    After boiling for a certain time, foam will form, which can be removed with a spoon.

  • 4 Green bean soup

    Look what a green soup without foam!

  • 5 Green bean soup

    When beans are cooked to full bloom and soup is cloudy (the starch in beans crumbles into soup, should be case if mung bean soup is tasty. Not optimal) means you're done, but it's best to let it cook for a few more minutes.

  • 6 Green bean soup

    At moment it is ready. You can taste degree of ripeness of beans with a spoon. My rice cooker automatically turns off.

  • 7 Green bean soup

    How nice it is to cook a bowl of sweet mung bean soup for yourself and your family! In winter, it is more delicious to drink hot, in summer it can be cooled or cooled naturally, but it is better to drink on same day, otherwise it will deteriorate from high temperature. Don't forget to add sugar, oh friends who are afraid of fat and don't like sweets can also drink it directly.