marmalade concentrate
  • March 09,2023

I used to not pay attention to buying things. I always bought marmalade in supermarkets or from roadside vendors. We all know that marmalade is good. I lost this until end of last year when I bought dried fruit from store. a friend in Xinjiang who gave me some Xinjiang marmalade. Only then did I find out that there are such delicious dates. People who don't eat marmalade also say it's delicious. I am ashamed that I have lived in vain for so many years, so I should be able to choose when I buy things. I watch ads on TV all day. Since birth of child, blood has been deficient, and child is prone to anemia when he grows up. There aren't many things for sale. outside, but homemade - real and sweet. The child also nourishes blood and drinks water. He kills two birds with one stone. Healthier than coffee, why not do it?

Ingredients: 500 g red dates, 100 g wolfberry.
  • 1 marmalade concentrate

    Prepare all kinds of ingredients.

  • 2 marmalade concentrate

    Soak marmalade and wolfberry in cold water.

  • 3 marmalade concentrate

    Pour them together in a saucepan and cook.

  • 4 marmalade concentrate

    Remove from mold and let cool.

  • 5 marmalade concentrate

    Peel marmalade and mash goji berries.

  • 6 marmalade concentrate

    Pour in softened maltose and honey and mix well.

  • 7 marmalade concentrate

    If you have a food machine, put it in food machine and stir, it will be more delicate.

  • 8 marmalade concentrate

    Leave for a day until raw materials are completely absorbed and melt, and drink warm boiled water.