Pink hawthorn drink
  • March 09,2023

The fragrance of a rose comes from about 3/10,000 volatile components, and its rich and vibrant colors are due to natural pigments such as red pigment, yellow pigment and β-carotene. In addition, it also contains such beauty-beneficial substances as quercetin, fatty oil and organic acids. Rose tea is fragrant and pleasant, it regulates qi and blood, soothes liver and relieves depression, reduces fat and loses weight, moisturizes and beautifies skin. It has a miraculous effect especially on women with dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. It has an obvious effect on elimination of freckles and at same time has cosmetic, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. The effectiveness of hawthorn! 1. Hawthorn can prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, has functions of vasodilation, increase coronary blood flow, increase heart vitality, stimulate central nervous system, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, soften blood vessels, diuresis and sedative effect. ; 2. Hawthorn acid also has effect of strengthening heart, and is also useful in senile heart disease; 3. May cause appetite and eliminate food, especially when meat and food are stagnant. in many digestive medicines; 4. Hawthorn promotes blood circulation and eliminates congestion, which helps to reduce local congestion and has an auxiliary healing effect on bruises; 5. Hawthorn has a contracting effect on uterus. , which promotes birth during childbirth of pregnant women and may promote health after childbirth.Restoration of uterus;6. Flavonoids, vitamin C, carotene and other substances contained in hawthorn can block and reduce formation of free radicals, enhance body's immunity, have anti-aging and anti-cancer effects; 7. Hawthorn contains ingredients to relieve asthma and phlegm, inhibit bacteria, treatment of abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Ingredients Appropriate amount of roses Appropriate amount of dried hawthorn Method
  • 1 Pink hawthorn drink

    Wash hawthorn and put it in a saucepan

  • 2 Pink hawthorn drink

    Wash roses and put them in a cup

  • 3 Pink hawthorn drink

    Add some water

  • 4 Pink hawthorn drink

    Boil over high heat

  • 5 Pink hawthorn drink

    After water boils, turn on low heat and simmer for ten minutes until color of the water turns dark

  • 6 Pink hawthorn drink

    Pour rest into a bowl

  • 7 Pink hawthorn drink

    Add a spoonful of honey and mix well